Monday 18 December 2017

Smoke fills sky over Bray Head

PLUMES of white smoke filled the sky over Bray Head last Wednesday afternoon as the first fire of the season started at the scenic attraction.

Located above the Cliff Walk, facing out towards the sea, the fire lasted for around two hours but, despite emitting a large amount of smoke, it did not continue to spread across the hill.

In other years on such occasions the head has been badly scorched and damaged by fire however on this occasion the flames were barricaded by a rocky area.

'With those rocks there it just goes up towards them and burns out,' said a source in the fire service.

Bray Fire Brigade were initially alerted to the blaze and called to the scene, however the fire was on the Greystones side of Bray Head.

The Bray crew were sent back and the Greystones crew attended the scene. While the causes of such fires can range from a discarded cigarette to leaving barbecues unattended, there is no way of establishing exactly how it broke out.

Bray People

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