Thursday 17 January 2019

Sixteen opt to get 'Lucky Few' tattoos

The 'Lucky Few' tattoo.
The 'Lucky Few' tattoo.

Members of Down Syndrome Wicklow were in Bray on Saturday to get tattoos representing the organisation.

Parents, family members and supporters of people with Down Syndrome were at Atattooed on the Main Street for the afternoon.

They came from the Bray and Greystones area for the occasion.

They each got a tattoo that symbolises the extra chromosome they carry and also the forging forward through life.

Down Syndrome is also called trisomy 21, where babies are born with three copies of the 21st chromosome.

Jen Rush of Down Syndrome Wicklow said that 16 people got the tattoos on the day. The group included mums, dads, sisters and brothers, and people who work with clients who have down syndrome.

For some it was their first tattoo, so there were some nerves. Jen said that it wasn't too sore at all though. She described it as being like a little scrape. 'Mine was tiny! But my husband got quite a big one on his side.'

The awareness initiative, called the 'Lucky Few Tattoo' , started in America with a group of mothers of children with down syndrome.

The design is delicate, and has great significance for those who carry it.

Some of the group gathered at Noah's Ark afterwards for a cup of coffee and to compare notes on the experience.

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