Wednesday 22 May 2019

Scottish pair running all around the Irish coastline

Rachel Winter and Simon Clark
Rachel Winter and Simon Clark

Scottish duo Simon Clark and Rachel Winter made their way through County Wicklow over the weekend, as they run around the Irish coastline.

They also met up with Bray man Callum Jacobs in Dublin last week, who attempted the same 2,000-mile feat four years ago.

Simon and Rachel set off from O'Connell Bridge last Tuesday, with a fundraising target of £10,000 for the Ecologia Youth Trust's work with vulnerable youngsters in Scotland, Kenya, Uganda, Myanmar and Russia.

They will run 20 miles a day over a four-month period, carrying bare essentials and finishing in time for Christmas.

Rachel is a former Eocologia volunteer coordinator and she supported Simon on a 5,000 UK run last year.

The duo are looking for offers of beds, sofas, floors and barns to sleep in along the way in Ireland as well as company in the form of cyclists, runners and walkers wishing to join them for a few hours.

Dependent upon the generosity of people they will meet on the way, the route will take them clockwise, from the urban streets of Dublin, to the long stretches of white, east coast beaches and onwards. Staying as close as possible to the coast and taking in all of the beauty of Ireland. They are hoping to finish back in Findhorn, Scotland in time to celebrate Christmas.

Inspired by Rosie Swale Pope's Just a Little Run Around the World, Simon is following the edge of mainland Ireland. At the same time, he is dedicating his journey of self-discovery to supporting Ecologia's work with children and young people facing their own tough challenges.

'Giving - no doubt at times, grinding out - an effort to benefit youngsters who have less fortuitous circumstances than mine seems the least I can do, and the thought of carrying and needing very little, while asking others to give a lot to improve the lives of children seems the best of affairs,' he said.

The team's route and position can be found on a live map at

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