Thursday 23 May 2019

Roof of damaged clubhouse sealed

Shankill FC’s clubhouse.
Shankill FC’s clubhouse.

Mary Fogarty

Shankill FC's clubhouse roof has been sealed with materials which would have no commercial value to any would-be thieves, according to the club's chairperson Dave Mulcahy.

Progress is being made on repairs, after weather damage last month caused by the theft of lead from the roof.

Mr Mulcahy thanked everyone in the community for their wonderful support and generosity since the flooding.

'We have received many emails, messages and verbal support from so many people, sports clubs and businesses in the local community,' he said in a statement.

A large crowd attended a table quiz in Brady's of Shankill held in recent weeks, raising €1,545 which will go directly to repairs.

Mr Mulcahy said that the parents and coaching staff of Shankill FC continue to give generously of their time for the kids of Shankill, despite having no clubhouse facilities.

The club is moving quickly with its insurance company to establish what costs are covered versus what repairs they will be required to fund themselves.

'We hope to begin repairs within the coming weeks,' said Mr Mulchany.

The lead was stolen from one side of the building. The cost of repairs will be at least €30,000, with further expenses for lighting and cameras.

Leaves were cleared from the roof two weeks prior to the flooding, so the theft must have occurred within that time, club officials believe. The walls, ceilings and electrical circuits were destroyed, as were the toilets and changing rooms. They were able to get power to the lights so that the astro-turf could be used at night.

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