Friday 20 April 2018

River walk name undecided

Proposal to name the walk after Stephen and William Mulvey

The river walk by the Dargle
The river walk by the Dargle

Members have agreed to go to public consultation, to name the Dargle river walk after Stephen and William Mulvey.

Cllr Brendan Thornhill asked for the item to go on the agenda. He was hoping to have it dealt with for 2016 and the 1916 commemorative year.

1916 volunteer Steenie Mulvey not only participated in the rising, but was a local hero. In August 1915 he rescued a girl who fell 30 feet off the bridge into the river. He was also a Bray Emmets star.

Cllr Thornhill told members that Mulvey had joined the Irish Volunteers in 1914 as an active member and took part in the Easter Rising.

His brother William fought in the First World War and contracted trench fever.

Cllr Oliver O'Brien seconded the proposal. He said that Cllr Thornhill gave an excellent presentation. He said that Stephen Mulvey was not just remembered for 1916, but was a rounded person in every area.

Cllr Joe Behan said that Stephen was prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice for his country and made a huge contribution to the town even after the rising. 'Members of his family still live in this town,' he said. 'The river walk is an excellent addition to the town and it is appropriate to name it in honour of this family.'

'Is it your proposal to name it after both or just Steenie?' asked Cllr Michael O'Connor. 'I propose it on a joint basis, the Mulvey walkway,' said Cllr Thornhill.

'I've no particular objection to naming it after the brother,' said Cllr O'connor. 'In terms of 1916 Steenie Mulvey played a big role in the town. Do we need to put in both names for the sake of balance?'

Cllr Thornhill said that we need to cross party boundaries. 'The past is the past,' he said.

Cllr John Ryan asked what the process would be. District Manager said that while there is no particular process laid out, the public should have their say on it.

Cllr Thornhill wondered what the point is of him proposing on it and the councillors agreeing on it.

'As I remember the 1916 commemorative park was placed in the Peoples Park, at the insistence of Sinn Fein members, in a great hurry and with no public consultation,' said Cllr Steven Matthews. 'I have no difficulty with public consultation, I don't know why you're bringing me into it,' said Cllr Michael O'Connor.

The members agreed to go out to public consultation with the suggestion.

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