Wednesday 22 May 2019

Quick-thinking teens rescue drowning men

Dramatic scenes at Magheramore Beach on Sunday afternoon

Sam Duncan and Charlie Carer after the rescue at Magheramore beach
Sam Duncan and Charlie Carer after the rescue at Magheramore beach
Charlie Carer and Sam Duncan who rescued two men in difficulties at Magheramore beach on Sunday

Myles Buchanan

A Bray teenager and his French pal have been labelled 'heroes' after risking their own lives to rescue two adults who ended up in difficulty while wading into the sea at Magheramore.

The dramatic afternoon for Sam Duncan and Charlie Carer took place at the popular beach outside Wicklow town on Sunday. It was certainly an eventful introduction to County Wicklow for French student Charlie, who had only arrived in Ireland the day before to take part in training at the Irish National Sailing School.

After arriving at Magheramore, 14-year-old Sam and 15-year-old Charlie decided to take their paddle boards out to a rock at the north end of the beach.

However, they soon came across two males in their thirties who were being pulled under the water by strong currents.

Sam's mother Antonia feels the quick thinking of the two teens helped prevent what could have been a double tragedy.

'The first time I noticed something strange was happening was when I spotted there were four heads bobbing up and down by their paddle boards and not two.'

The two men, a Portuguese and Pakistan national, had waded into the water to walk out to some rocks when the ground beneath their feet suddenly disappeared and they found themselves struggling against strong currents.

Sam and Charlie noticed the pair were in difficulty and swam in their direction, telling the two men to grab onto the boards. By this stage one of the men was already losing consciousness.

The boys managed to get back to shore safely with the two relieved casualties in tow.

Antonio believes Sam's training as a second-year lifeguard proved of major assistance to the successful rescue effort.

'I am very proud of him and Charlie. It could have been a disaster for all four of them. The natural reaction for most people would be to give out their hand but Sam knew from his lifeguard training to direct and put the men on the boards. One of the men was panicking but Sam kept him calm. Both men were exhausted by the time they got to shore but they were also relieved.'

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