Saturday 17 March 2018

Quick thinking saved gun victim

JULY 1986

A Bray shopkeeper has described how he took off his shirt to make a tourniquet in an effort to stem the bleeding from a badly wounded security guard.

Minutes earlier, the 48-year-old Securicor man from Dublin had been shot in the upper thigh at point blank range during the robbery in the Quinnsworth store at Vevay Road.

Two guards were moving cash to their van from the store when three raiders, one carrying a sawn-off shotgun, burst in.

Horrified shoppers looked on as one guard became involved in a struggle during which the weapon was fired, critically wounding him.

The gang grabbed about £11,000 and made a getaway by car.

The injured man was tended by a doctor and a nurse who were in the supermarket.

Mr. Pat Dunne of the 'Newspoint,' shop, arrived minutes later and helped them attend to the wounded man.

Mr. Dunne, who has training as a nurse, said that he tore off his shirt and manufactured a tourniquet in a bid to stop the bleeding.

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