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Punk t-shirt man escapes further censure Young woman's choice of outfit draws stiff rebuke from Judge

A man who was jailed for a week for wearing a Sex Pistols t-shirt into court tempted fate again last Friday when he returned to Bray District Court wearing a top with the words 'drunk punk' emblazoned across it.

Philip Dunleavy, of 42 Oldcourt Drive, came before the court again just before lunc time on Friday this time sporting a green camouflage T-shirt and trousers, with the words 'drunk punk' stitched across his chest.

He had been jailed for contempt of court by Judge Murrough Connellan when he had appeared before the court the previous Friday wearing the other punk t-shirt that featured the iconic Sex Pistols logo and slogan.

Judge Connellan was not sitting last Friday however, and Judge Patrick Clyne, who was there in his place, made no mention of Dunleavy's clothing or of the previous week's incident. Instead, Dunleavy was simply remanded on bail to appear before the court on September 15 to face a charge relating to an alleged shoplifting offence at the Woodie's DIY store.

Some time later in the morning, though, Louise Milligan, with an address in Kilcoole, Wicklow, came before Judge Clyne facing a drunken driving charge. Her case was similarly adjourned, but, as she turned to leave the court, Judge Clyne made reference to her choice of clothing.

Sporting a crisp white blouse and long black skirt, the court was offered a partial view of Ms Milligan's stomach.

'When you come into court again, would you please cover up your middle. This is a court of law, not a beach. Please dress appropriately,' he said, while also chastising a solicitor in a separate incident for having his tie partially undone.

Speaking after the court, both defendants said they were shocked by what had been said to them on the different days regarding their choice of clothing.