Tuesday 24 April 2018

Praise for council staff as Greystones avoids flooding

There was very little flooding in Greystones during the recent rain and storms, according to Cllr. Derek Mitchell who commended council staff.

'Every time I turned on the TV a mayor was talking about the disaster,' said Mayor Stephen Stokes. 'My mother actually asked why I wasn't on the TV! I said, what would I talk about?'

Cllr. Grainne McLoughlin also congratulated the staff on the amount of work done and said they had been very responsive.

She added that a tree fallen in Delgany at Bellevue lawn may pose dangers to the community.

'I know you don't have the resources to clear everything immediately but this could be an awful accident,' said Cllr. McLoughlin.

The Town Engineer said he will take a look at the tree.

Cllr. Chris Maloney said that despite a storm of some sort every day, the roads were cleared rapidly.

'The shores were cleared out at Templecarrig which made a great difference,' he said.

'I want to commend the Town Engineer,' said Billy Norman. 'Greystones 'getting off lightly' is a testament to the work done. No news is good news.'

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