Monday 17 June 2019

Polish Christmas Eve celebrated in St Kilian's

Ewelina Mencnarowska, Michal Mencnarowski and Elise Mencnarowska.
Ewelina Mencnarowska, Michal Mencnarowski and Elise Mencnarowska.
Mariola Roszczak, Dorota Wesolowska, Anna Kowalczyk, Dorota Tomaszewska and Beata Piotrowska.
Maciei, Mariola, Weronika and Greg Roszcza

St Kilian's Community School hosted its second annual 'Wigilia' celebration towards the end of last term.

Wigilia is the traditional Polish Christmas Eve celebration, and about 60 students, past-pupils and their families gathered at the school for a memorable evening of friendship, music and traditional Polish food.

Some of the fare on offer on the night included barszcz (a spiced beetroot soup), pierogi (cabbage dumplings), kapusta (spiced cabbage with mushrooms) and ryba po grecku (Greek-style fish). Desserts and cakes were also both delicious and plentiful. Afterwards, everyone joined in singing traditional Polish Christmas carols.

The event was organised by maths teacher Monika Uí Annaidh, herself a native of Poland, who was ably assisted by a team of hard-working parents.

The principal, John Murphy, welcomed guests and praised the contribution of Polish students, past and present, to the school. He reserved special praise and thanks for Ms Uí Annaidh, whose hard work and enthusiasm had ensured that the evening had been such a special and memorable one.

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