Monday 16 July 2018

Plans to rezone Bray lands supported in council chief's report

The chief executive's recommendations on the submissions to Bray Local Area Plan have been made, and suggests proceeding with rezoning at Little Sugarloaf and the lands known as 'The Germans'.

Submissions were made by the middle of September and many of those came from residents of the Southern Cross, and estates such as Charnwood and Giltspur Wood, all close to the regions earmarked for development. Officials and chief executive Frank Curran considered the submissions.

The report does confirm that a controversial objective for a roadway from Bray to Kilmac over the Little Sugarloaf would not be included in the Bray Local Area Plan.

Cllr Joe Behan said that many people will be very angry that their arguments have not been accepted.

'We are supposed to have six weeks to consider this plan,' said Cllr Behan.

'But the matter is to be considered by all the members of Wicklow County Council on December 4. We are being told that the meeting to discuss this will happen in four weeks,' said Cllr Behan.

'There is a danger that we are being rushed into making a decision on this.'

He said that while the plan is for Bray, Enniskerry and Kilmacanogue, the decision will be made at county level, and members have never discussed the LAP at a Bray meeting.

Bray People