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People are complying with lockdown rules


A checkpoint at Castle Street in Bray

A checkpoint at Castle Street in Bray

A checkpoint at Castle Street in Bray

Gardai said that there were very high levels of compliance with Covid-19 guidelines over the weekend, with two exceptions.

A driving instructor was giving a lesson on public roads to a 14-year-od student, and a cyclist drove through a red light in Bray while on a spin out from Dublin.

The cyclist was instructed to return home and issued with a €40 fixed penalty notice, which the driving instructor will be dealt with through the courts.

There were checkpoints on the Fran O'Toole Bridge at Castle Street in Bray, and on the N11, as well as other locations across the county.

This was part of Operation Fanacht, launched last week to ensure public compliance with the travel restrictions introduced recently as part of Covid-19 public health guidelines.

The operation, which ran from Wednesday, April 8 until midnight on Monday, April 12, saw an extensive network of checkpoints established across Ireland.

'There was a very high level of compliance with the public health guidelines over the Easter weekend. I want to thank the public for that. This has helped saved lives. We now need people to continue that high level of compliance over the coming weeks. Working together we can reduce the spread of Covid-19,' said Commissioner Drew Harris.

'Regrettably, there was a small minority who did not adhere to the guidelines or other legislation and Garda members had no option but to use the regulations or other legislation. This demonstrates the need for the regulations not only from an enforcement point of view, but also to support those who are willingly living their lives in line with the public health guidelines.'

Deputy Commissioner, Policing and Security, John Twomey said, 'This significant policing operation is designed to support travel restrictions put in place to help flatten the curve and save lives.

'There has been very good compliance with the travel restrictions and we want to thank the public for this.'

Gardai were asking people not to travel to parks, natural beauty spots or holiday homes outside of the 2km limit. 'We are sending them a clear message that if they are stopped at a checkpoint they will be turned back,' said Mr Twomey.' Unfortunately, despite the reduced traffic levels, there are still people putting their lives and the lives of others at risk by speeding, drink and drug driving, and not wearing their seat belt.'

John Caulfield, Interim CEO of the Road Safety Authority asked all drivers to be extra-careful. 'People will be out exercising,' he said. 'So, I'm asking drivers to watch out for vulnerable road users and to slow down. Never has it been more important to practice good road safety habits because every crash and injury we prevent means we are putting less pressure on our first responders and health professions at a time of national crisis.'

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