Saturday 25 November 2017

'Patches was my buddy for over six years. Then someone poisoned him'

Man offers €500 reward for information relating to his dog's death

Myles Buchanan

A man living just outside Rathdrum is willing to offer a reward to anyone with information which could help him identify who purposely poisoned his six year old dog.

Charles Wiedecker discovered his cocker spaniel Patches 'stone dead' after he awoke one morning and headed out to the yard to greet his long-time companion.

An autopsy revealed Patches had been poisoned.

Charles, who is originally from Baltimore in the US but has lived in Rathdrum for over 25 years, remains convinced his pet was deliberately poisoned.

'He was in perfect condition and was a a very healthy dog. The autopsy revealed that the poison had been placed in some meat and given to Patches. I never fed him meat. I don't know who could do such a thing. It really is despicable. If anyone had a complaint or an argument with me then they should have come to see me, don't take it out on a poor, innocent dog.'

Charles has a good relationship with all the landowners surrounding where he lives and has an agreement with some to hunt for game on their land. Patches was a fully trained hunting dog valued at around €1,000.

'I get on well with most of the landowners in the area and am really good friends with them. Patches loved to hunt and go fetch the bird.'

The poison involved was also very fast acting, which also leads Charles to the conclusion that Patches was purposefully sought out.

'There are warning signs with something like rat poison but with this type of poison there were no indicators at all. Patches was fine that night and the next morning he was dead. I live in a very isolated area. You would have to know exactly where I live to reach my home, climb over a number of fences and walk through fields. I live half a mile in any direction from a road. Also, there are no reports of any other poisoned dogs in the area.'

Charles is offering a €500 reward for anyone who can provide him with information which could leads to the apprehension of who is responsible for Patches' death.

He purchased a second dog after Patches died, only for that pet to pass away two weeks later. Charles didn't seek an autopsy into that animal's death, mainly due to the cost, but says it was possible that dog died from Weil's disease.

Charles still misses his ever present companion of the past six years.

'Anyone who has a dog as their pet will tell you they become your best friend. Patches was my buddy for over six years. You just don't think someone could be that hateful.'

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