Tuesday 22 January 2019

Over 16,300 motorists on learner permits in Wicklow

Deborah Coleman

Figures released from the Road Safety Authority (RSA) show that there are currently over 16,300 motorists in Wicklow on learner permits.

It was outlined that our youngest drivers on learner permits are in fact the best at fulfilling their driving responsibilities, by taking lessons and passing their test in a timely manner.

Nationwide, there are over 65,000 people on their third of more learner permit.

Insurance experts at are calling on the Government to address what they describe as 'learner permit lifers', who they believe may be clogging up the system and costing themselves, and the taxpayer, significant sums of money each year.

'We did some homework around the number of learner drivers in the country and found the figures on multiple learner permits pretty staggering - there are 65,000 people on their third or more learner permit. And 36,814 of them are on their fifth or greater permit, some of whom are in their 30s, 40s, 50s or 60s. While a few may be late bloomers when it comes to driving, it's apparent that many have been on the roads for years, without either taking or passing the driving test,' said Deirdre McCarthy of

The company has cited the average 25 week test waiting time as one reason why so many people are long-term learner permit users.

'Something needs to be done to address this backlog and we believe that if people were restricted in the number of times they could be granted a learner permit, it would lessen the number of driving test applications as people move from a learner permit to a full licence,' McMcCarthy added.

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