Thursday 22 March 2018

North Pier open to public during day

The North Pier at Greystones Harbour is now open to the public during the day following calls from the community.

The pier will be open from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. for the moment, and will then also open later when additional lighting is installed.

'This adds an attractive walk around the marina to the town's facilities and has been long awaited,' said Cllr. Derek Mitchell, adding that there is no electricity on the pier for safety lighting at this time. He and Cllr Grainne McLoughlin walked the pier during the week.

Basil Miller of the group 'Give Us Back Our Harbour' said that Sisk had ruled out public access to the North Pier and not so long ago said it was 'out of the question.'

Mr. Miller said that the about-turn on the matter indicates that much else they ruled out can be ruled back in. 'We will be pressing for full implementation of the community plan.'

A plan was presented to Greystones Town Council and Sisk last year with a detailed proposal of works to tidy up the area and make it useable for the community. Deputy Stephen Donnelly and Cllr. Tom Fortune spearheaded the plan with public consultation.

However Sisk said that the cost was prohibitive and they had plans to continue with residential development as the economy improves.

Cllr. Grainne McLoughlin has said that they are contractually obliged to resume works once the economy has been improving for a year.

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