Monday 17 December 2018

'Nobody is going to turn anyone else away if they can help them'

Cattle farmer Seamus Killoran.
Cattle farmer Seamus Killoran.

While fodder is getting very scarce, farmers are continuing to help one another and a sense of community spirit is prevailing.

So says Killahurler farmer Seamus Killoran who lives in the rural Arklow hinterland.

'Yes, it is getting scare - probably most people have less than two week's worth left but we had local farmers calling in for some and we were happy to help where we could. Nobody is going to turn anyone else away if they can help them. Glanbia received a delivery of 60 bales at the weekend which was distributed among 20 farmers who were on a waiting list from south Wicklow and north Wexford,' he said.

While the shortage of fodder has created plenty of stress within the farming community, Seamus said it is important not to get too negative about the situation, which, ultimately, will be addressed.

'Yes, it has been a terrible winter and the stocks are low and we are very concerned about it but the weather has already improved and the cattle are out today (Monday). All this will help. We have to have a little positivity,' he said.

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