Wednesday 20 March 2019

Newcastle goes green as over 500 trees planted

Ethan, Claire and Tilly Adams.
Ethan, Claire and Tilly Adams.

Myles Buchanan

A fun, family and community based initiative held in Newcastle saw over 500 trees planted in the village on Saturday by local residents.

The event was organised by Newcastle Residents Association in association with Coillte. Tree saplings were presented to local children so as to make the village a cleaner and greener place.

Newcastle Resident Association member, Kim Murphy, said: 'I am so proud to be part of our tree planting day. Our aim was to plant a tree for generations to come and for the children in Newcastle to have ownership of the initiative. I grew up in Newcastle and live here now with my family. I think it's lovely that we, as a community, could all get together and plant on one day. I think this is something the kids will remember for life, as they watch the trees grow as they do. The positive response we got from the residents has been fantastic.'

Over 500 trees were planted both around the village and in communal areas and gardens. The native woodland trees, Mountain Ash, Alder, Silver Birch and Oak were all donated by Coillte. Thanks were also passed on to Newcastle Residents Association, Alex Calder, Hannah Cuff, Eilis Fitzgerald and especially to Michael Carey.

Newcastle Residents Association plan on holding a bulb planting event in Autumn.

Minister for Food, Forestry and Horticulture and European Election Candidate, Andrew Doyle TD, was also present.

He said: 'This planting day in Newcastle is the type of initiative we need in Communities across the Country, it has raised awareness of the importance of planting trees, especially native. Ireland needs to be planting more trees.'

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