Monday 11 December 2017

New film-makers are on the march

'March on Film' is a competition for film-makers to be held over the month of March.

'March on Film' is a competition for film-makers to be held over the month of March.

Organisers of the contest are Bray husband and wife team, Kristian O'Neill and Julie Hannon.

'The concept behind the "March On Film" festival is to create a film-making contest that will encourage novice and newbie filmmakers to get out there, and within the period of a month, make a short film of three to six minutes from start to finish,' explained Kristian.

All the films will then be judged by industry professionals, with the top 20 being screened in a cinema, and the winners receiving prizes.

The top prize is a film making package which includes €1,500 worth of film equipment hire from Film Equipment Hire Ireland and mentoring from industry professionals including writer/director Kirsten Sheridan, and Once cinematographer Tim Fleming.

The top 3 films will also receive automatic entry into the Darklight Film Festival.

'I came up with the idea for March on Film while travelling in Australia,' said Kristian.

'There they have a similar competition called Tropfest which started small and has expended into a large national event. In this competition people had a finite amount of time to make a film specifically for the festival.

'What I liked about this concept was that it encourages people to get out there and actually make films.

'As is too often the case people have good ideas for short films, and may even get to writing scripts, but because they have no deadline they end up talking about finishing their film instead of doing it.'

Entries can be made using top of the range kit or just an iPhone and a laptop.

'The first rung on the ladder to film making success is to get out there and do it!

'The second big goal we had for the festival was to promote a mentor scheme in which aspiring filmmakers who have proven talent, such as the winners of the competition, could benefit from the experience and advice of already established film makers.'

He and Julie also wanted to show people that film making can be fun.

'There is nothing better than getting a group of friends together and creating a film.

'People often think it's a magical process that they could never do but now the means of production have become so available, it has opened up the process to most people.

'Of course, in the same way that having a pencil and paper doesn't make you a writer, having the equipment doesn't necessarily make you a film maker, but you'll never know until you try!'

All the films must be made specifically for the competition with three different elements that the teams must include - a prop, a line of dialogue and a character.

To register or for more information go to

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