Sunday 19 November 2017

Meat scandal sends customers back to butchers

taylor's report surge in business

Mary Fogarty

The recent horse meat scandal has at least one set of fans in local butchers across the country.

Revelations that low-cost meat products contain horse DNA have sent people back to their small meat suppliers in droves.

'We noticed an increase in business straight away,' said Ken Taylor of Taylor's Craft Butchers at the Superquinn Shopping Centre on Castle Street.

'People are going back to cooking their own dinners rather than ready meals,' said Ken, adding that the public has a sense of trust in local family-run operations.

'The pre-packed and ready cooked meals are being swapped for home-cooked stews, casseroles, spaghetti bolognese and things like that,' said the butcher.

He said that ready-meals and burgers, since found to contain horse DNA, were very cheap.

'They were getting that meat for €700 a tonne,' said Ken, who said that beef is around €5 per kilo. 'That's a big difference,' he said. 'This was based on pure greed. It's heartbreaking for a butcher to see a supermarket selling 20 burgers for €4 when I can't even make one for 90 cent.'

Meanwhile, the Food Safety Authority of Ireland has said that it is confident in its meat=testing.

'When we set out with our small survey back in November of last year, we had no idea where we were going with this, but we certainly have uncovered a fraud here of massive scale,' said Professor Alan Reilly of the FSAI.

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