Wednesday 19 December 2018

Meals on Wheels get delivered

Críona McCarthy makes a delivery to Bridget Curran, the queen of Ardee Street
Críona McCarthy makes a delivery to Bridget Curran, the queen of Ardee Street

Despite treacherous roads, 90 hot dinners went out to people in Bray last Thursday, thanks to the help of the Civil Defence and Order of Malta.

Bray Old Folks Association does Meals on Wheels twice a week, with volunteers usually doing the deliveries in their own cars.

This wasn't possible last Thursday, however, and their fellow voluntary organisations stepped into the breach.

'They have been terrific,' said Annette Hynes, who is secretary of the Bray Old Folks Association. The association recently moved temporarily from the Orchard site on Killarney Road to a Sunbeam House Services facility nearby.

She said that it is very important that people, particularly those who are older, eat a hot meal during cold weather.

For someone living alone, too, having someone come to the house and check on them can be useful.

The clients were delighted to see the friendly faces at their doors, delivering a tasty dinner.

Around six or eight volunteers took to the roads with their knights in shining armour from the Civil Defence and Order of Malta in their 4x4 vehicles.

There was also a team in the kitchen cooking up a storm to get the 90 meals to their destination.

'The drivers are the face of meals on wheels to the client,' said Annette. She said that customarily if they were to find something wrong or not get an answer they would raise the alarm.

Annette said that Meals on Wheels gets funding from the HSE and also does fundraising during the year. They would urge young people to come forward and join the organisation.

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