Wednesday 17 January 2018

Loreto girls sing the praises of Power of Positivity wristbands

It's all about positivity at Loreto Bray, with the girls proudly wearing the yellow 'PoP Band.'

The wristband has been introduced to the secondary school by the Power of Positivity Group.

They welcomed the band Redwoods to the school last week to help launch the wristband with a P shape on it.

'Put the band on either wrist. When you find yourself complaining, being negative yourself, judging others or saying things like "it won't go well," move the band to the other wrist,' explains a note which comes with each band.

'This helps you become more aware of your mental chatter. By moving the band, you remind yourself to be more positive to yourself, positive to or about others and positive about possibility, thus matching your thoughts with your desires. This will boost your mood and attract more positive situations and people into your life.'

By buying the band you are also putting positivity out into the world by helping those in need in the Philippines. In conjunction with Bray Rotary club all money raised will be donated to purchase much needed shelter boxes.

The event also launched the school's annual Power of Positivity week, which includes lots of positive events and activities taking place throughout the week in the school.

Organising teacher Clair Swinburne was thrilled with the success of the launch. Loreto welcomed TD Simon Harris who congratulated the school on their innovative work in promoting positive mental health.

For more information or to buy a band, go to and click on PoP.

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