Monday 27 May 2019

Let's hear it for the lads!

Young Arklow director Ian Adams and his childhood friends release new movie

The cast of ‘The Lads
The cast of ‘The Lads
‘The Lads’ was directed by Ian Adams

Myles Buchanan

A young film-maker from Arklow has secured an IFCO classification for his movie 'The Lads' which has now been booked for release in four Omniplex Cinemas in Ireland this September.

Written and directed by Ian Adams, 'The Lads' was filmed with a cast of childhood friends and all on a tiny budget of €260.

Classed as a dark comedy thriller, the movies tells the story of three friends, Fionn, Paul and Scott who true to the film name are living it up. When they spend money that belongs to some dangerous gangsters, they end up in a situation where they are fighting for their own survival and willing to do what it takes to get the money back.

'Everyone working on the film or acting in it are friends since childhood. We worked around our own jobs, studies and college to get it finished. It took just under 18 months,' said Adams. 'I have been describing it as 'Love Hate' meets 'Dumb and Dumber'. I think Irish audiences will really relate to it and appreciate the humour. We are delighted with all the positivity so far, and incredibly grateful for Omniplex Cinemas in helping us achieve a four cinema release'. Having already bagged an award at The Reel Film Festival in Cork last year where it won runner up feature film, 'The Lads' has received serious praise for its impressive production on such a small budget.

Speaking about the film, Omniplex Director Mark Anderson said: 'Getting a movie completed to this level is so difficult and Ian has achieved it with 'The Lads' with a micro budget. We always try to support local and Irish film and we are incredibly proud to support Ian as one of the Omniplex team and look forward to seeing what he achieves in the future'.

The cast includes friends Ryan Hennessy, Dylan Hanlon, David O'Gorman, Adam Behan and director Ian Adams.

Classified 18, 'The Lads' is due for release on Friday, September 21st at four Omniplex locations nationwide: Omniplex Rathmines, Dublin, Omniplex Mahon Point, Cork, Omniplex Limerick and in Omniplex Bridgewater in Arklow where Ian and some of the cast work.

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