Wednesday 22 November 2017

Kylemore nursing home gets a poor HIQA report

Kylemore Nursing Home
Kylemore Nursing Home

Mary Fogarty

An inspection of Kylemore nursing home on Sidmonton Road in Bray has found that the facility was not compliant in a number of areas.

The HIQA report was issued last week, following an inspection which took place over two days during September 22016.

While there were serious issues with the standard of care, the report said that 'residents who spoke to the inspector were very complimentary about the care they received from the staff,' and 'there was an obvious familiarity between residents and staff.'

The report found that there was not safe administration of medicines and that effective systems were not in place to deliver safe appropriate and consistent levels of service to meet residents' needs in relation to nutrition, health and social care and religious needs.

They found that medicines had not been administered as described, that care planning was inadequate at the centre, and that systems to ensure the transfer of information were not effective or consistent.

The inspector found that where care plans were in place they did not always reflect the most up to date risk assessment.

Examples of healthcare needs, where care plans were not in place, included low blood pressure, respiratory problems, dementia, confusion, risk of absconding, responsive behaviours, or mental health issues.

Many residents were assessed as overweight and some were risk assessed as obese. It was found that all residents were not being provided with their correct diet.

Evidence was found that measures were in place to protect residents from being harmed or suffering abuse. Staff had been provided with training on the prevention of elder abuse.

But the inspectors also found that incidents at the centre were not reported to authorities as required by law.

These included incidents related to resident absconsion and accidental injuries which resulted in transfer to emergency departments for review.

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