Monday 23 September 2019

Kitty hostel looking for volunteers

Mary Fogarty

Greystones Kitty Hostel has renewed its appeal for help, both financial and vital volunteers as well as trustees with charitable or financial background.

This is so that the organisation can get charitable status going forward.

'I also need more kitten fosterers and people to help with the enclosure,' said Louise Cardiff who runs the organisation.

'With people back to college and work commitments, the only days that are covered are Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday of each week.

'All that's needed to work in the enclosure is common sense to provide food, water, and change litter trays.'

The general condition of the cats would need to be checked by volunteers caring for them.

Their coats shouldn't be dull or matted, and eyes should be bright and clean, not cloudy.

The animals should be eating and drinking normally and not showing signs of gingivitis, which can indicate other health problems.

'Some mouth and teeth problems can be the first indication of an underlying disease such as FIV, which can be managed much better nowadays although still fatal,' said Louise.

'People tend to think there that we at GKH are a large organisation, but unfortunately since Kathy Smale my friend and mentor passed away from cancer a couple of years ago I've been quite a loss. She was not only the best cat "whisperer", but she was always great with people.

'I do my utmost to carry on her wonderful work and make her proud in heaven as that's definitely where she will be, keeping an eye on me!'

The hostel carries out 'trap, neuter return', and also rescues, rehabilitates and re-homes ill and injured stray adult cats.

The purpose-built enclosure can house around 20 cats at any one time.

Expenses incurred include food, vet bills, litter, medication, equipment and more.

Anyone able to help out in any way can send an email to

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