Wednesday 23 October 2019

Kieron goes under sea at community centre

Kieron White with his mural at the Little Bray Community Centre.
Kieron White with his mural at the Little Bray Community Centre.

Mary Fogarty

Artist and youth worker Kieron White has created a 45-foot mural at the Little Bray Community Centre.

The art work is on the wall of the after-school area for children under 10. Kieron decided to create a colourful seascape, complete with marine life both based in reality and imagined, and even the occasional Sponge Bob character.

He had created a piece in the centre previously about bullying, and featuring superheroes. He asked childcare worker Audrey Kelly if they would like anything else, and she said it would be great to get a mural on that wall.

Kieron was inspired by the vibrant colours of the coral reef and, working in his spare time, he set about bringing what he imagined to life.

The whole process took him a total of five months, working on the piece after hours. It was all acrylic based, and a lot of the piece was done with airbrush.

So the children got to see the completion of the mural in stages as it progressed. Each day they would come in to discover something new that Kieron had added to the work.

Kieron also works in the centre. He is a youth worker with young people over 10.

He has done murals all over the world, and also does portraits, traditional sign writing and painting on glass.

He also did a lot of work for Dublin Zoo when they were refurbishing some years ago.

While working with young people is Kieron's vocation, art is his passion. HE sings the praises of all the people who work at the centre.

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