Monday 10 December 2018

Jastine Valdez is laid to rest in her native Philippines

The late Jastine Valdez
The late Jastine Valdez

The funeral of Jastine Valdez has taken place in the Philippines.

Jastine (24) was killed by Bray resident Mark Hennessy, who abducted her near her Enniskerry home on the evening of Saturday, May 19.

Her family brought her remains home and she lay in repose at their Aritao home.

A large number of mourners joined her devastated parents Teresita and Danilo at the funeral Mass before burial took place in the adjoining cemetery.

Jastine's family have expressed their gratitude for a memorial Mass which was held last week at the former Rutland Hospital.

Mark Congdon, Honorary Consul of the Philippines in Ireland, also said that the Valdez family thanked the Irish people for their ongoing support.

'The Mass was held in recognition of Jastine's 40th day since her passing. This is a Filipino custom similar to the Irish Month's Mind,' he said.

'I am in regular contact with the Valdez family at this most difficult of difficult times as they prepare for the funeral service,' Mr Congdon said.

'They have expressed their sincere gratitude for the Mass held in Jastine's honour in Dublin at the INMO head office, the former Rutland Hospital, and thank the Irish people for their continued support.'

Mark Hennessy was shot by armed gardaí as they searched for the Jastine, whose remains were later discovered at Puck's Castle in Rathmichael. A GSOC investigation is currently under way into the circumstances surrounding his death.

Gardaí will prepare a file for any forthcoming inquest.

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