Monday 19 November 2018

Irish Rail assures members it will not close station

Greystones railway station
Greystones railway station

A deputation from Irish Rail confirmed that the station will not be touched.

They told members that the station will continue to operate, and be managed from Bray.

This followed fears last year that the station would close after Irish Rail advertised it to let.

They advertised the entire ground floor for commercial use, with entrance and exit points to the platform to be located at alternative sites. Local campaigns and petitions were launched. Concerns in the town included potential harm to the business community; safety for commuters, particularly younger people, and access for disabled people at an unmanned station.

People said that the station was at the core of the community and any changes would be vehemently opposed.

Residents of the area signed petitions which were presented to the company.

They then announced that they would not close the building to public access.

There may be a portion of the building let out for commercial purposes in the future.

Members welcomed the assurance that there would be no changes to access to the platform for train services.

Bray People