Saturday 21 September 2019

Information day held about planned masts

An information day opposing plans to install communications masts at the Meridian Centre in Greystones was very well attended, according to organisers.

'The information day went really well,' said group spokesperson Katherine Redmond of Burnaby Mews, which is adjacent to the centre. 'We were pretty well set up. We had printed out information for the public. A lot of people came and questioned us, which proves that the Government and local authorities are doing nothing to notify people.' she said.

She said that there are 26 campaign groups all over Ireland, each of which will hold an information day on the last Saturday of each month.

The next such event will take place on the main street in Greystones on July 27.

'We're also trying to put together a national protest,'she said.

Ms Redmond said that the day the locals had their first meeting about the mast, was the day of the deadline to appeal the permission to An Bord Pleanála.

'We have written to the owners of the Meridian Centre asking them to put a stop to it,' she said. 'They hadn't informed any of the tenants in the centre about the masts.'

'There are already masts at the garda station, one at the train station and one at the rugby club in Greystones,' she said. '4G works just fine here.

'The radiation at the frequency which is going to be emitted from these masts is detrimental to health,' said Ms Redmond.

The approved application for six masts over Costa in the Meridian was made by Cignal Infrastructure Ltd. According to the application, the telecommunications installation will form part of the Three Ireland broadband communications network. Permission was granted in March.

Guidelines recommend locations not be adjacent to residential areas or schools. The planners report judged the area mixed and therefor acceptable and in line with the spirit of the guidelines.

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