Sunday 20 January 2019

Housing project had been on hold since 2005

PHASE 1 and 2 of Delany Park in Meadowvale will consist of 47 social housing units in all.

Initially Part 8 planning for the development was granted to the old Arklow Town Council in 2005 made up of 64 units on 1.9 hectares, mostly 3 bedroom houses.

However, Phase 1 of the development didn't take place until 2017 when 17 units were constructed.

The houses are designed to comply with the current Building Regulations, with A3 energy ratings. The houses will be highly insulated and air tight, with mechanical ventilation systems, and will be heated using heat pump technology and economical heating control systems. The terraced form is an economic use of land for high density housing, and an efficient form that minimises envelope costs for energy efficiency.

There will also be some single storey units suitable for tenants with special needs requirements. Other units are also easily adapted so as to accommodate someone with special needs. Phase 2 consists of 26 units, while Past 3 consists of 21 units.

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