Monday 22 July 2019

HIQA finds centre is 'unsuitable' for needs of clients

Ravenswell management preparing to move residents

Mary Fogarty

A centre for adults with disabilities is institutional and unsuitable for the needs of its residents, according to submissions management made to a HIQA report.

Inspectors learned that management of St John of God centre at Ravenswell had identified this, and plan to facilitate community based housing for the residents.

The report found that staff at the centre want the 'very best' for the residents there, and that the residents appeared happy, content, and at ease with staff.

The centre provides residential and respite services to 11 adults with disabilities. The centre comprises of two separate dwellings, staffed on a 24/7 basis.

According to the report, the provider has said that the premises are not suited for their stated purpose and they have commenced plans to support residents to transition to community based houses.

The centre was inspected last August and the report was released on December 12, 2018. Inspectors spoke to residents and visitors as well as staff and management, and observed daily life at the centre.

Residents appeared happy and content in their home. They showed the inspectors around and appeared comfortable in the presence of staff. Management and staff supported residents in a dignified, professional and person-centred manner, the report found.

However, the centre consists of two large dwellings on a campus based setting. The provider had identified that the centre did not provide for a homely environment and large sections of the building (in which the centre was located) were not in use and sealed off from residents. The provider's governance system was not effectively responding to this situation.

The report said that tangible time lines had not been identified to bring plans to move to fruition, resulting in residents continuing to live indefinitely in an institutionalised setting.

Despite significant challenges with the environment, the report found that the person in charge continued to provide good leadership and support to her team.

She ensured staff were appropriately qualified, trained and supported which in turn meant they had the required skills to provide for the needs of the residents.

Overall, the inspection found that the management and staff of this centre were skilled and trained professionals providing good quality care and support to the residents. However, the centre was not appropriate or conducive in meeting some of the assessed needs and was not an appropriate environment for the provision of respite services. It did not provide for a homely environment and was institutional in design and appearance.

Inspectors found that staff, too, wanted the very best for the residents and supported them in a dignified, warm and professional manner. They were found to be helping residents to have meaningful and active lives based on their interests and preferences, and ensuring their access to healthcare.

The provider was instructed to ensure compliance in terms of arrangements for containment of fire as a matter of urgency.

There were systems in place to ensure all fire fighting equipment was serviced annually. A sample of documentation informed the inspectors that staff undertook daily, weekly and monthly checks on all fire fighting equipment as required and reported any issues or faults.

However, because of the layout of this centre it was not demonstrated that the arrangements in place were adequate for the containment of fire or to meet the requirements of the regulations. This resulted in an urgent compliance plan being issued to the provider on completion of the inspection seeking assurances that the systems in place to manage fire safety were adequate. The provider responded with appropriate assurances after consulting with a competent person in fire safety.

Residents will be facilitated to live in community based group homes where the environment will be conducive to meet their needs in a homely manner, with plans in place for quarter two and quarter four, 2019.

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