Sunday 20 January 2019

Hero David drove nurses to and from their work

Local man ferries staff to hospitals and care clients

David Murphy, who drove nurses to and from nursing homes and patients
David Murphy, who drove nurses to and from nursing homes and patients
Some of the conditions David encountered

Mary Fogarty

Bray man David Murphy was one of the heroes of the storm, offering his services and his 4x4 to drive nurses and carers to and from work in the beastly weather.

David's friend told him he was bringing nurses in and out of Tallaght hospital so David decided to do the same in the Bray area.

His fiancée Ros posted on Facebook that he was available, and people got in touch with their requests.

So the Dargle Road man was on the road for much of Friday, Friday night and Saturday, supporting the dedicated healthcare workers in their jobs.

He works in a healthcare-related field for Alliance Worldwide Care so had an understanding of how much the people involved mean to their patients.

He took people to and from nursing homes in the area, some home carers to and from houses, and a nurse home from Crumlin children's hospital after she had spent a couple of days there.

He also helped a pharmacy to deliver important medication to people, and helped Sunbeam House Services get vital supplies.

'It really struck me how desperate these people were to get to work,' said David. 'Some of them were getting in early either to relieve people going home, or help pick up the slack,' he said. 'All I did was drive around and have fun in my toy.'

One lady did two 24-hour shifts with an elderly patient who needed around-the-clock care.

David described bringing nursing staff home who were simply exhausted after days on end in their workplaces, sleeping on trolleys between long shift.

David said that Ros coordinated the administration of the project, while also looking after their two young children. A neighbour who knew what they were doing very kindly cleared the path outside their house.

On one of the mornings, David pulled up to a petrol station only to find yellow tags announcing all the pumps were out of diesel. But the lady working there found some for him when she realised what it was for.

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