Wednesday 13 December 2017

Hayden quits council seat

CLLR. CIARAN HAYDEN has resigned his seat on Greystones Town Council with immediate effect.

'I have made this decision after some considerable discussions with family, colleagues and friends,' he said. 'I am extremely disappointed with the Government's treatment of town councils, which has completely undermined our work in the community. This reason and a future potential conflict of interest with my work in the fire service has made my mind up to step down. I very much regret Cllr. Hayden's resignation,' said his Fianna Fáil party colleague Cllr. Kathleen Kelleher.

'He was extraordinarily hard working and proactive and he and I always worked together as a very successful FF team. Our aim always was to help the people of Greystones. He will be staying in the party and will help me in my projects, for example as Chairman of the Community Affairs Committee.'

Fianna Fáil General Secretary Seán Dorgan said that the party will shortly nominate a successor to fill the vacancy arising.

Cllr. James O'Sullivan commended Hayden's contribution to the community. 'I would like to extend my thanks to Ciaran, with whom I have been proud to serve as a member of Greystones Town Council. He has served our town with dedication and I say this despite our political differences. I would like to extend my best wishes for the future to him and his family.'

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