Monday 22 January 2018

Half of new councillors support Community Plan

Half of the councillors elected in Greystones have pledged their support for the Community Plan for Greystones Harbour.

The Give Us Back Our Harbour group (GUBOH) said newly elected councillors Jennifer Whitmore and Nicola Lawless as well as returning councillor Tom Fortune have pledged to promote the harbour's community plan which according to GUBOH spokesperson Basil Miller said 'is a tremendous result which brings implementation of the plan much closer, according to GUBOH.

He said both Whitmore and Fortune who were both elected on the first count had polled 42 per cent of all the first preference votes between them.

'That is a tremendous achievement in itself, and they were joined on the last count by Plan supporter Nicola Lawless of Sinn Fein', he said.

Miller said that of the 14 candidates standing in Greystones the nine who had supported the plan had accounted for 'almost 70 per cent of the first preferences cast.

'Of course, many other issues influenced this vote but we believe our campaign made a substantial difference to the result. Those councillors elected who did not sign up to our pledge should reflect on this outcome.

'For pro-Plan candidates to garner 68.4 per cent of first preferences is a massive mandate to get the harbour plan implemented without delay. All our local councillors should take note, and support forthcoming moves to have the Greystones Harbour Community Plan implemented.

'The Greystones community has shown what it wants. The two Fine Gael councillors and the one Fianna Fail councillor should now support the resolution at Wicklow County Council which their colleagues will put forward.'

Despite having three supporters of the plan sitting on the council Mr. Miller said the group would have liked to see another plan support secure a seat. 'We would like to see Cllrs. Mitchell, McLoughlin and Walsh indicate as soon as possible whether they will now support and promote the Community Plan.'

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