Monday 26 February 2018

Guilty of slashing man across face

A man will be sentenced later this year for slashing another man across the face in an unprovoked attack that left him seriously disfigured.

Damien Green of 23 Richmond Hill, Fassaroe, Bray was found guilty of intentionally or recklessly assaulting Richard Coster causing him serious harm at Richmond Hill, Fassaroe on April 20, 2013.

Richard Coster (24) of 10 Kilbride Grove, Bray gave evidence in the case on the opening day of the trial and said he was drinking on the day and didn't know how he had been assaulted, saying 'the next thing I remember is waking up in St. Vincent's Hospital'.

He told Judge Michael O'Shea he had come to court because he wanted to 'drop the charge. I didn't ask to come into the box. I asked to drop the charges. I said it to the guards.'

He told Paul Murray, BL, prosecuting, that he had a scar on his face which he 'got by being sliced'. He said he had 'no memory whatsoever' and the court heard he had received plastic surgery after the injury.

Mr. Murray then successfully applied to Judge Michael O'Shea to have a statement made by Mr. Coster on April 25, 2013, some five days after the incident, admitted into evidence.

In the statement, he said on April 19, 2013 he had left his house at around 12 noon going to Tesco on the Vevay Road and buying 15 bottles of beer.

He then went to Richmond Hill and into the home of Greene at 23 Richmond Hill. He said he knew Greene 'to see' from around the town but never had had any dealings with him prior to April 20.

Greene and Ann O'Brien were in the house and the three were drinking and chatting for some time. Mr. Coster's girlfriend, Amy McEvoy, called over at around 8 p.m. but left at 11 p.m. and another girl called Sophie arrived.

He said at around 1 a.m. Green 'started going on about two iPhones and a docket from the bookies going missing. Damien Greene was accusing everyone in the house of taking these items. We all started helping him look for them but couldn't find them. We didn't even know if they existed.'

Greene, he said, was getting 'more and more agitated and weird' and Mr. Coster suggested to the girls that they leave the house.

Mr. Coster, Ann O'Brien and Sophie then got up to leave and Mr. Coster said he walked out the door and 'the next thing I remember was Damien slicing my face with what felt like a blade'.

He said he could see him clearly and the injury had been inflicted on his left cheek. 'The next thing I remember was a lot of blood coming from my face and I ran out of Richmond Hill and made my way up to Bernie's Shop. The reason I ran out of there so fast was because I was in fear for my life and in fear that Damien would stab me again.'

He said he received about 40 stitches in his left cheek 'and a few more stitches up my nose'.

The court heard a medical report from Dr. Eimhear Quinn of St. Vincent's Hospital which said the wound to Mr. Coster's face would, in her opinion, 'cause serious disfigurement to his face leaving him with a prominent extensive scar along the left side of his face'.

Garda Philip Sheridan said when he arrived on the scene at 2.50 a.m. he saw 'a lot of blood on the ground and a blood trail leaving to the entrance of 23 Richmond Hill where Damien Greene lives.'

When Greene eventually answered the door, he was 'very intoxicated' and ''collapsed out the door'. He said Ann O'Brien mentioned Damien Greene 'doing it to' Mr. Coster

A jury of four women and seven men considered the case for some two-and-a-half hours before finding Greene guilty of the charge. Greene, who is currently in custody in respect of another matter, was remanded in custody until December 8 for sentence. Judge O'Shea directed for the preparation of a probation report, a governor's report and a victim impact statement, although Mr. Murray said he wasn't sure 'how feasible' the latter was.

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