Saturday 21 September 2019

Greystones kitty hostel makes funding appeal

Cats and kittens are being looked after by the volunteers
Cats and kittens are being looked after by the volunteers

Greystones Kitty Hostel is appealing for funds towards the mounting costs of 'trap, neuter, return' vet bills and kitten expenses.

The organisation is no longer in receipt of the grant from the Department of Agriculture. From this year, rescues must have charity status to receive the grant and Greystones Kitty Hostel doesn't have enough people involved to form committees.

Many of its volunteers also work full time and are already stretched to the limit, so they receive no public funding and rely on donations.

Without help, the kitty hostel will have to discontinue the 'trap, neuter, return' (TNR) programme and stop taking in kittens and ill or injured cats. It's currently their busiest season, with cases coming in faster than they can raise the necessary funds.

At the moment, the group is focusing on a large case in Bray south. There are at least nine females either pregnant or with kittens. They have taken 10 kittens in to foster so far, with a lot more to come.

As well as endeavouring to TNR wild or outdoor cats, the kitty hostel rescues, rehabilitates and returns or re-homes ill and injured stray adult cats.

It has a purpose-built enclosure that can house around 20 cats at any one time, giving them plenty of time to recover and find the most suitable homes in complete safety.

An experienced team of volunteers spends time daily maintaining food, shelter, multifunctional toys such as scratching posts to keep their nails trim, chewy toys/treats for dental health, interactive toys to keep them stimulated in a clean, warm and ambient environment also making sure they have the regular grooming, cuddles and playtime. The volunteers also foster, tame, socialise and adopt out kittens from their own homes.

Expenses include vet fees, food, litter, housing, medication, equipment and more.

To donate to the group, visit and search for 'TNR Bray South with Greystones Kitty Hostel'.

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