Sunday 24 March 2019

Greystones is ready!

Bernie Carroll and Tyler, Darcey and Victoria Ferguson.
Bernie Carroll and Tyler, Darcey and Victoria Ferguson.
Olaya Murray, Ella Keane and Ellie O'Flanagan
Patrick O'Brien, Leyla and Taya Demirsay
Noah and Brendan Guildea

Mary Fogarty

Greystones is ready for Christmas after a wonderful afternoon and evening of festive music and prayer.

Santa even managed to make his way to Greystones, with a little help from the fire service, during his whistl-stop tour of north County Wicklow.

This was the annual ceremony to turn on the festive lights in Greystones.

MC Paul Byrne led the audience and participants through a wonderful event to mark start of the Christmas season.

Crowds gathered in Burnaby Park to witness the turning on of the impressive display, provided by both Greystones Municipal District and local businesses in the town.

There was music and songs with Templecarrig School choir, as well as performances by 'Classic Harmony', and the cast of 'The Queen who Cancelled Christmas'.

Local clergy reminded everyone of the true spirit of Christmas, with a short ecumenical service.

Cathaorleach of Greystones Municipal District, Cllr Nicola Lawless, and Ross McParland of Greystones 2020 did the honours and switched on the lights.

There are now over a kilometre of icicle lights throughout the town, and two 30-foot-tall Christmas trees, each adorned with 3,000 lights - oat the train station and one at the Harbour Marina.

The guest of honour, Santa, arrived by fire engine, to greet the children and celebrate with them.

The boys and girls got to talk to Santa, who is of course keeping an eye on everyone as he finalises his lists.

Those present of all ages got into the spirit of the season and enjoyed the event thoroughly. They will continue to enjoy the display of lights over the coming weeks.

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