Sunday 21 October 2018

Greystones among healthiest towns

Census reveals 91% of residents in 'good' or 'very good' health

Mary Fogarty

Greystones people are the fourth healthiest in the country, according to the most recent census results.

The towns with populations who said their health was good or very good were Malahide (92.5 per cent), Carrigaline (92.4 per cent), Maynooth (91.8 per cent), Greystones (91.4 per cent) and Celbridge (91.2 per cent).

In Greystones, the population is 18,140. 12,331 of those were reported to be in very good health and 4,248 in good health.

1,011 people in Greystones were in fair health, 160 in bad health, and 35 in very bad health.

Daniela Dietl is a personal trainer and fitness instructor at Go Gym in Greystones.

'A lot of people in Greystones are quite outdoorsy,' she said. 'You see a lot of running and training. There are great sports facilities, a couple of gyms, and it's by the sea. You see people swimming all year round.'

She said that traditionally, Greystones has been a relatively affluent area. In a socio-economic sense, that tends to come with paying more attention to what's healthy and not healthy, as well as better choices when people have more disposable income.

Elsewhere in the county, 90 per cent of Blessington residents were in very good or good health.

With a population of 5,520, 3,635 responded 'very good' and 1,380 'good'. 354 people in Blessington said their health was fair, 46 bad, and five 'very bad'.

In Wicklow town, 89 per cent said that they were in good (2,750) or very good (6715) health.

The population according to the census was 10.584. Of those, 807 people said that they were in fair health, 122 in bad, and 28 in very bad health.

In Bray, with a population of 32,600, 88 per cent of those are in good or very good health.

In the census, it was reported that 19,568 were in very good health and 9,051 in good health. 2,631 responded that they were in fair health, 420 said bad, and 92 said very bad.

Eighty-seven per cent of the residents of Arklow reported being in good or very good health.

With a population of 13,163, 3,679 said that they were in good health, and 7,773 very good. 1,182 people said they were in fair health, 206 bad, and 44 in very bad health.

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