Tuesday 17 July 2018

Garda visits the older people in community

Garda James McDonagh and Mrs Bridget Kelly
Garda James McDonagh and Mrs Bridget Kelly

Garda James McDonagh set an example to the community last week when he checked in on Bray resident Bridget Kelly.

The garda is a front-line patrol officer stationed in Bray, who would have gotten to know many people in the town well.

As hopefully everyone was making the effort to knock in to their older friends, neighbours and family members, Garda McDonagh led the charge. A relative of Mrs Kelly's took the photo and sent it to Garda HQ. They duly put the picture online and he got some well deserved credit for being a sound guard.

According to Garda Declan Lynch of Bray Garda Station, all of their colleagues will have joined James in making a similar effort to keep in touch with vulnerable members of the community.

Meanwhile, there were no significant incidents during the spell of snow. The division put contingency plans in place to provide accommodation for gardai on duty who would otherwise have had to travel.

There was also a fleet of 4x4 vehicles available for mobile patrol and to facilitate getting some of the members home after shifts if necessary.

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