Thursday 18 January 2018

Fortune feels let down after 'Trojan' work

KILCOOLE'S Tom Fortune laid the blame for his failure to secure a seat in the 31st Dáil firmly at the feet of his own parish and community.

Before Sunday's recount was called Tom Fortune said, 'I still don't think it's over,' despite trailing behind running mate Anne Ferris by some 2,000 votes.

'I still don't think it is over. There is a massive amount of transfers to be distributed and if I am able to keep above Fianna Fáil and Joe Behan it could happen. The transfers are going all over the place.'

However, after his elimination on Monday night Fortune said he was exceptionally disappointed with his local vote.

'I didn't get a great vote in Kilcoole or Newtown which I find terribly disappointing in light of all the work I have done and it is massive but that's the way politics works sometimes. I have done Trojan work in Kilcoole. There was nothing done in Kilcoole until I got elected in 2004 so I feel a bit let down.

So where did it all go wrong? ' The simple answer is I honestly don't know. I am stunned. I don't understand why I didn't get it (the Kilcoole vote). It couldn't be because of a lack of work because I have helped hundreds of people over the last six years.

'But this is not going to affect me. I am bigger than this. I have a lot to offer and I will be offering it to something. I was a bit surprised by the way the community voted.'

Tom said that if he were advising the Labour Party he would not advise them to go into government with Fine Gael and would instead advise them to go into opposition.

Although the three Labour candidates polled little more than a quota between the three of them Tom said the Labour vote was up from 2007.

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