Tuesday 20 March 2018

Former BIFE student aims to crowdfund Children of Lir play

A former BIFE student has written her own adaptation of the Children of Lir and is currently crowd-funding to set it up as a touring production.

Joanna Ryan Purcell is from Cloughjordan in North Tipperary. She studied performing arts for three years in Bray Institute of Further Education. She has since set up Banba Theatre Company and plans to start touring Children of Lir in August.

The show will be performed by four women, all of whom have studied at BIFE.

'I have become so passionate about Ireland and about Irish mythology. I believe that Irish mythology is a subject that is slowly fading away from our lives and I think it is sad because it is such an amazing subject and it defines who we are as Irish people,' said Joanna.

'It's part of our culture, part of our heritage and part of who we are. I want to bring Irish mythology back to the younger generation. Because I studied theatre and theatre is also my passion I want to bring Irish mythology back through the medium of theatre.'

The play focuses on the Tuatha De Danann race, their feminine leadership, and that connection with women's rights campaigns in today's society.

She needs to raise €100,000 to bring her vision to life.

The money will go towards paying four actors, a co-director and physical theatre coach, a production manager, masks, costumes, prop, and the costs of 20 performances including accommodation and transport.

Posters, a makeup artist, graphic designer and other costs must also be covered.

'After the 20 performances the company will be able to support itself,' said Joanna.

'I am planning for this production to tour for four years, starting in August 2017,' said Joanna. 'The first year we will tour Ireland, the second year we will tour the Uk, the third year we will tour America and the fourth year we will tour Australia and New Zealand. So in order to get this production off the ground and begin its tour we really need your help.' Donors will get gifts in return for their generosity, ranging from 'gratitude', for a €5 donation, to the original handwritten script in exchange for €4,000. That sum will also get you the script used by the directors, as well as a personal thank-you video.

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