Wednesday 22 November 2017

Five Councillors nominated to Wicklow Training Board

FIVE councillors were eventually nominated as representatives on the Kildare and Wicklow Education Training Board after numerous disputes over what format the voting process should take.

The nominations had to include at least two females as part of Government regulations which state that there must be 40 per cent female participation.

Councillors Tommy Annesley, Tom Fortune, Jim Ruttle, Nicola Lawless, Edward Timmins, Jennifer Whitmore and Grainne McLoughlin were all proposed as candidates for the five places.

However, there was more than just a little confusion over how to elect the nominees, with some councillors favouring the Group System and others preferring an individual vote.

On more than one occasion, Cathaoirleach Chris Fox said he was going to defer the nominations until the council meeting taking place on July 21 so as to get clarification over how to proceed.

Cllr. Grainne McLoughlin dropped out of the running to try and help move things along but the elected members still couldn't agree on the best voting format. At one stage it was considered allowing councillors to share a position on the committee but this was deemed to be unfair as it placed some of the nominees in a difficult position if they weren't in favour of a shared role.

As at least two women had to make up the five representatives, so Cllr. Lawless and Whitmore were duly elected. That meant Councillors Annesley, Fortune, Ruttle and Timmins were left to duke it out for the remaining three positions.

This was put to an individual vote, with Cllr. Annesley receiving 13 votes, Cllr. Timmins 27, Cllr. Ruttle 24 and Cllr. Fortune 12.

Councillors Annesley, Timmins and Ruttle were deemed elected as the remaining representatives on the Kildare and Wicklow Education Training Board.

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