Saturday 20 January 2018

First time Fine Gael candidate Dillon eliminated at the end of eighth count

Liz Dillon, a FG candidate in Greystones, waiting for the count to start.
Liz Dillon, a FG candidate in Greystones, waiting for the count to start.

THE writing was on the wall for Liz Dillon of Fine Gael from early on but she clung on until the end of the eight count.

The new candidate was one of four Fine Gael candidates contesting the election in the Greystones Electoral Area - a strategy that may have cost them dearly.

Speaking early in the count Dillon admitted a miracle was needed if she were to get over the line. 'I'd need a miracle with the transfers. There's a small chink of light.'

However, it was not to be and she was eliminated at the end of the eight count with a final vote of 532. Her first preference vote of 310 put her third among the Fine Gael candidates with only David O'Reilly trailing her. She failed to make much ground on the transfers with her biggest haul of 95 coming from the surplus of Independent Jennifer Whitmore.

Magnanimous in defeat she praised her remaining party colleagues, Derek Mitchell and Grainne McLoughlin who both went on to take a seat in the area.

'Grainne and Derek did extremely well so we'll take two seats.'

First time candidate Liz has been a member of the Fine Gael for two years and had no hesitation in stepping up to the mark when candidates were being recruited.

However, she has made no decision either way on putting her name forward again. 'I couldn't rule it in or out at the moment. It's early days.'

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