Sunday 21 July 2019

Fire station 'is understaffed'

Wicklow County Fire Services at Bray Fire Station.
Wicklow County Fire Services at Bray Fire Station.

Deborah Coleman at Wicklow County Council

Concern over 'serious under-staffing' at Bray Fire Station was raised by Cllr Joe Behan at Monday's meeting of Wicklow County Council.

'I have received serious information that during recent serious fires, the service in Bray could not muster up a full crew and that crews from Greystones and Wicklow had to be brought in,' he said.

He also queried if it is true that the new hydraulic lift is now kept in Wicklow Town Fire Station as there are not enough officers in Bray trained in its use. 'We all know the history of Bray in terms of fire tragedies and this is very, very serious,' Cllr Behan said.

Chief executive Frank Curran said that there were reduced staff levels due to some retirements and some sick leave. He said: 'Like any other workplace, people retire and they sometimes have to take sick leave. There are resources in place so that Bray is covered by other stations of required. That's the way we're set up.

'Competitions have already been held for some posts and job offers have been made so training will commence as soon as possible,' he said.

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