Thursday 18 January 2018

Ferris wants adoption change

Bray's Anne Ferris is fighting to allow adoptive parents and close blood relatives of an adopted child to agree access arrangements.

The Labour TD was herself adopted and published a bill to amend the legislation last week.

'At present, once a child is adopted, section 58 of the Adoption Act 2010 extinguishes all rights of the natural parents and their relatives, such as grandparents.

'My new Bill proposes to change this situation to allow the natural parent or relatives to either agree measures to facilitate on-going access to the child, either with the Adoption Authority in advance of an adoption, or the adopters afterwards. There is also a provision in the Bill to allow a natural parent to apply to the courts to seek access.'

She said that this is about the needs of the adopted child.

'I have had personal experience of the laws as they stand and they are too inflexible to address the special emotional needs of many adopted children,' said Deputy Ferris.

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