Wednesday 21 March 2018

Fears over rezoning on Little Sugar Loaf

Esther Hayden

Concerns have been expressed about the proposed rezoning of the Green Belt land on the Little Sugar Loaf.

Sinn Fein's Cllr Michael O'Connor fears there are plans to allow housing and industrial development in the area.

Cllr O'Connor and Deputy John Brady attended a well-supported meeting called by local residents in the Royal Hotel recently where almost everyone in attendance voiced their opposition to the plan.

Cllr O'Connor has pledged to oppose the plan as it is presented in the draft development plan.

'It is clearly the case that there is a dire shortage of housing, especially public housing in Wicklow. It is also clear that we need the infrastructure to be provided so businesses can provide employment. But it is hardly a solution to locate housing and industrial areas on the slopes of the Little Sugar Loaf,' said Cllr O'Connor.

'Wicklow is a popular tourist county for a reason. People come to see our beautiful countryside, not a housing estate on the slopes of a mountain. This development would also bring with it the risk of flooding in the area, even worse traffic and a lower standard of living for local residents.

'This is not a proper location for this type of development and I believe the proposed rezoning should be scrapped. I urge all residents who oppose this plan to make submissions to the council before the deadline of September 15.'

Bray People