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Fears Bray Harbour could be abandoned


Concerns have been expressed about silt build-up at Bray Harbour

Concerns have been expressed about silt build-up at Bray Harbour

Concerns have been expressed about silt build-up at Bray Harbour


Local harbour users expressed concern at a meeting last week that the seafront facility would become an 'abandoned eyesore' due to siltation.

Representatives of clubs and harbour users catering for many hundreds of people involved in fishing, boating, scouting, kayaking and sailing met in Bray last Tuesday night to discuss their concerns and frustrations regarding the rapidly deteriorating condition of Bray harbour as a centre for water based activities.

Participants expressed serious concerns that the build-up of silt and sand in the harbour is now reducing use of the harbour to minimum standards and may well soon make it non-viable for water based activity.

People attending the meeting told of the loss of fishing and sailing boats due to moorings being lost to the growing sand bank in the harbour.

Already more than a dozen boats have left the harbour.

Many spoke of access to the water being not only severely restricted in time but extremely difficult.

Some cited no longer being able to host open events due to launching and retrieval of boats being made very difficult if not impossible by the sand.

Dismay and anger was expressed at a perceived lack of interest shown by statutory authorities to the deterioration of the harbour, which many feel has been seriously adversely affected by works on the Dargle Flood Protection Scheme.

Representatives have arranged to meet again shortly to develop an action plan.

In July, members of Bray Municipal District heard that there are only two or three usable hours between tides in the harbour due to levels of siltation.

Members saw a report which was based on levels taken in 1986, 1993, 2007 and 2015.

District Manager Des O'Brien said that according to the report, there is less being deposed in more recent years, which would suggest that the Dargle flood scheme is not adding to the problem.

The cost of dredging has been estimated at up to €1 million.