Tuesday 21 May 2019

Emma's final novel will be published

Late Author's book will be released in 2019

Emma Hannigan
Emma Hannigan

Mary fogarty

A final novel by the late Emma Hannigan will be published next year.

The Bray author passed away in March after fighting cancer for 11 years, leaving one last work for her fans to enjoy.

The Gift of Friends will be Emma's 15th book and will be published on February 28 by Hachette Books.

Emma's husband Cian posted on Facebook last week, on what would have been his wife's 46th birthday.

'It's hard to believe that six months have already passed since she left us,' he said.

'We miss her love, her ever-generous spirit and, of course, her wicked sense of humour. We've always felt that Emma wrote so that a part of her would always be with us.

'So we are very happy to tell you that Emma left us one last gift, her final book. The Gift of Friends, is a story of joy and friendship, love and light.

'As Emma said: "When it comes down to the wire, all that matters is love... I will be there in your hearts and you will be in mine." We hope you open your hearts and enjoy this very special book. Love and Light. Cian.'

She emailed a first draft of this book to her publishers just two months before her death.

Also in the weeks before her death, Emma urged her followers to donate to Breast Cancer Ireland, raising €126,000.

Dubray also donated proceeds from her book 'Letters to My Daughter' to the charity, raising €18,000.

A research fellowship has been named in Emma's honour.

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