Friday 19 July 2019

Electrifi booked out for 18 months hours after launch

Mary Fogarty

Within hours of launching, Powerscourt-based electric car company Electrifi received 120 enquiries on their website and they are solidly booked out for the next 18 months.

The new operation in Enniskerry will convert Ferraris, Lamborghini Countach, the Aston Martin and other classic cars to run on electricity, with a €50 million investment and the creation of up to 150 jobs in the coming years.

Marketing director Garrett Sheehan said that those jobs will include engineering and software, and electrical.

They will also potentially be seeking people in the production side of the business and down the road a design element and a certain amount of support roles.

Once manufacturing is under way, there will be something for visitors to see.

The company is considering ideas at the moment, from a small boutique showroom with a viewing gallery, to something with a much larger footprint.

Electrifi is an arm of Norman Crowley's 'Crowley Carbon' on Powerscourt estate, and the showroom is going to be the old carriage-house where the Powerscourt family carriages would have been kept.

The workshop will also be there, with the planning stages currently under way for the retail outlet and factory.

The bespoke cars will be worked on in twos and threes, completed and shipped to their owners.

Norman left his native Clonakilty 25 years ago, having grown up near Henry Ford's ancestral home. He settled in north County Wicklow and his partnership with the Slazenger family at Powerscourt was a good match, due to their shared ideals of sustainability.

Sarah Slazenger said at the Electrifi launch that her late father Dr Michael Slazenger would have loved the innovation of Electrifi, and that the businesses there have breathed life into the estate.

Prices will initially start at €750,000, with future plans for models at a more affordable €30,000.

Environmental entrepreneur Norman Crowley has joined forces with Welshman Richard Morgan of Electric Classic Cars in Wales to create Electrifi.

The company will convert expensive classic cars to run on electric power, replacing their engines with electric motors and battery packs.

The electrified Ferrari 308 has the capability of reaching 150mph and travel from 0-100 in 3 seconds.

Electrifi will be the first company to manufacture cars in Ireland in almost 40 years.

Manufacturing has already begun in the Electrifi's sister plant in Wales and the first cars will leave the Irish plant by the end of this year.

Norman Crowley is the recent recipient of the 2019 Green Leader Award which recognises an individual who has made a significant contribution to sustainability in Ireland whilst recognising his combination of entrepreneurial spirit, keen focus on the climate change challenge and his green philanthropy.

Mr Sheehan said that Crowley's business model was to be commercially successful while embracing sustainability.

'In the last year or two he changed that and made sustainability the number one priority. And business has been more successful than ever!'

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