Tuesday 15 October 2019

Easicabs and Homelink are to close down

Staff at Easicabs and Homelink in Bray received a memo earlier this month announcing that the company is going into liquidation.

The memo was circulated by the director and chairperson of the company Tony Regan.

'It is with enormous regret, and despite the best efforts of many staff, management and directors over many years, we announce that from Friday, March 15, Easi Access Transport CLG, known as Easicabs and Homelink, will cease trading,' he wrote. 'We will apply to go into liquidation after that time.'

Easicabs provides transport for people with disabilities, while Homelink provides phone calls to check in and remind people of medication, doctors appointments, and other matters. They also provide social events, as well as gardening work and light repairs and maintenance for a nominal fee.

An employee said that the members rely heavily on the service and will be not just disappointed, but their lives severely discommoded by the closure of the service.

The employee said that staff are disappointed to have been informed by memo, rather than in person.

There are between 15 and 20 staff, both full and part time, who will be affected by the liquidation, and in the region of 1,000 members.

'We are all annoyed about it, it's the end of an era,' said a member of staff.

The offices of the services were destroyed in a fire in February 2018. They were provided with premises shortly afterwards by Sunbeam House SErvices.

The service was non-profit, with funding streams from various Government sources as well as its own fundraising.

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