Tuesday 20 March 2018

Draft action plan for Bray Head special amenity area presented

Bray Head
Bray Head

Mary Fogarty at Bray Municipal District meeting

Engineer Stephen Fox spoke to members about the draft management plan for the Special Amenity Area Order on Bray Head.

Mr Fox explained that in 2007 Bray Town Council and Wicklow county Council made a Special Amenity Area Order (SAAO) regarding Bray Head.

A committee was set up and one of the conditions of the order was a five-year management plan. The committee lapsed, however, until renewed effort led by Cllr Matthews to produce the plan. Mr Fox said that the plan would be circulated to members in Greystones and Bray, then brought to the full council to be adopted.

The plan would include works to trails, signage and ongoing maintenance within a budget of €7,000. Mr Fox said that if more funding was required, they could advocate for more funding in the budget. Cllr Christopher Fox said that there are 17 actions listed, and in the resources column lots of zeroes. 'Realistically, how can we carry out actions if we don't put resources to it?' said Cllr Fox. Mr Stephen Fox said that the same question had been asked in Greystones. He said that certain works could be done in-house.

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